• Water literacy begins with our youngest citizens.


  • We are teachers, designers & climate experts.


  • We are redefining environmental education.


  • We empower the next generation of water-literate leaders.



We envision a future where all students and families have the knowledge and creativity they need to strengthen communities in an era of climate change and sea-level rise.


We educate and empower the next generation of water-literate leaders.

  • Just because we are small and may not be able to do it ourselves, we should be able to give ideas or opinions… because there are kids just like us who are in the middle of these problems.

    Ripple Effect student, 4th grade

  • If we don’t have levees, and there’s a storm, the water gets higher and higher and higher. That’s bad because the water will go into the city and into the houses. The city is shaped like a bowl, so the water goes down into the city.

    Ripple Effect student, 1st grade

  • This curriculum lays out a complex issue that does not have a black and white answer.

    Ripple Effect teacher,