What is Ripple Effect?

Ripple Effect is an alliance of K-12 educators, water experts, and designers, who are pioneering a Gulf-South vision for locally relevant environmental science education: water literacy.

  • Our goal is to spark and sustain a national movement toward equity-based adaptation education.
  • Our next generation of “water literate leaders” will be the future hydrologists, engineers, climate scientists, ecologists, urban planners, designers, architects, educators, or public policy experts.
  • All Ripple Effect curriculum aligns to Next Generation Science Standards and is designed to replace regular, everyday science instruction.
  • Rooted in the pressing issues impacting real communities and places, Ripple Effect is a conduit for communities to impact what is taught in schools.
  • Ripple Effect partners with teachers to develop and test all curriculum and teaching tools. We collect data, provide coaching, and assess student mastery before, during, and after each unit is complete.

We train teachers, develop inquiry science curriculum about real places, and help other environmental education organizations translate current science into standards-aligned learning experiences.

Ripple Effect is growing. Check out our Water Literacy Campaign.

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Ripple Effect provides teachers with high-quality environmental science curricula about real-world issues that challenge students to “practice stewardship” now, in preparation for choices and challenges ahead.

Ripple Effect classroom experiences raise student achievement and investment in science, build student empathy and sense of civic responsibility, and prime students for careers where they can make a direct impact on climate change.