• Water literacy begins with our youngest citizens.


  • We are teachers, design educators & water experts.


  • We are redefining environmental education.


  • We empower students to lead their communities.



We envision a future where all citizens have the knowledge and creativity they need to strengthen their communities and live with water in an era of climate change and sea level rise.


Ripple Effect prepares our youngest citizens to be tomorrow’s environmental leaders by redefining environmental education through place-based teaching, learning, research, and design.

  • If we don’t have levees, and there’s a storm, the water gets higher and higher and higher. That’s bad because the water will go into the city and into the houses. The city is shaped like a bowl, so the water goes down into the city.

    Jasani, Grade 1

  • This is real learning we are seeing in the classroom. It’s drawing on student strengths and making the most of student exceptionalities.

    Rachel Cox, Special Educator, Grade 4

  • The students were so invested in the outcome of their project that classroom management was hardly necessary.

    Zac Brooks, Science Teacher, Grade 3

  • Broader education of the populace about water-related principles, issues and opportunities, as well as training for jobs in this emerging sector, are essential.

    David Waggonner, Principal of Waggonner & Ball Architects