• We are building the next generation of water literate leaders.


  • We are teachers, curriculum designers, storytellers and climate experts.


  • We empower teachers on the front lines of environmental change.


  • Solving complex environmental challenges requires systemic transformation.



We envision a future where teachers and students have the knowledge, skills, and ethical grounding they need to strengthen communities in an era of climate change and sea-level rise.


We educate and empower the next generation of water-literate leaders.

  • Just because we are small and may not be able to do it ourselves, we should be able to give ideas or opinions… because there are kids just like us who are in the middle of these problems.

    Ripple Effect student, 4th grade

  • If we don’t have levees, and there’s a storm, the water gets higher and higher and higher. That’s bad because the water will go into the city and into the houses. The city is shaped like a bowl, so the water goes down into the city.

    Ripple Effect student, 1st grade

  • This curriculum lays out a complex issue that does not have a black and white answer.

    Ripple Effect teacher, 4th grade

  • Once the students understood that this was a real-life problem, happening right now–that was powerful.

    Dr. Marcus Woods, 3rd Grade Teacher

  • This unit was wonderful. This was a real-life problem. It was culturally relevant in that this was something happening in Louisiana.

    Gina Bell, 1st Grade Teacher

  • The phenomenon-based teaching was the most beneficial part for me. The content definitely kept my attention and interest. Ripple Effect’s workshop was a gift.

    Louisiana Middle School Teacher, Coastal Teaching Fellowship program

  • I had an epiphany. RE’s process for curriculum design was extremely helpful.

    Louisiana High School Teacher, Coastal Teaching Fellowship program