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Water Literacy: A Shared Vision for K-12 Environmental Education

In January 2020, Ripple Effect convened a consortium of goal-aligned experts in Southeast Louisiana to begin advancing a new shared vision: water literacy. Through a series of workshops, teacher focus groups, and interviews with researchers, practitioners, and community experts, the group developed shared goals and identified opportunities for deepening connections between environmental research, community needs, and K–12 formal and informal education.

Thank you to the more than 70 teachers, scientists, practitioners, community experts, and consortium representatives who so generously shared their time, and whose voices shaped this project.

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  • 1. K–12 Teachers

    Teacher perspectives on the joys and challenges of environmental science education today

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  • 2. Pathways & Progressions

    Reflections on the life experiences that moved interviewees from curiosity to action

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  • 3. Challenges & Transitions

    Questions that connect Southeast Louisiana to the nation and the world

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  • 4. Community Voice

    Water literacy, democracy, and the public space

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  • 5. Working Together

    Building better dialogues for identifying and addressing systems-level problems

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  • 6. Shifting the Paradigm

    Learning from the past and changing our perspective

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